„A very happy moment: The sunrise in Angkor Wat in Cambodia on Christmas Day 2015. It was an amazing experience! I learnt, it is one of the top popular places in the world to watch sun rising from the five „corn“ shapes temples which are nearly thousand years old, but I have never imagined it can be so hot! Thousand of Sunrising fans ran there during dark early morning at 4:30am and waited silently until the moment of sunrising, I actually have to squeeze in to find a small location for pictures and have to be careful not to fall into the lake! But the worldwide fans are friendly and we finally all watched the sunrising with joy and enjoyed being there with the global new friends, no country, no origin, we are only sun-fans!“

Lily Xu

2015年的圣诞日清晨,在柬埔寨吴哥窟看日出,是我难以忘怀的经历之一!从拥有千年历史的五个“玉米”形状的庙顶端看太阳冉冉升起,让吴哥窟成为世界上最受欢迎的观日出地之一, 但我从没想象它是如此热门!全球几千位日出迷,在黑暗的4:30am的清早摸黑出发,如潮水般涌到吴哥窟,然后静静地守候到神圣的日出时刻, 我必须在摩肩擦踵的人群中,仔细找到一处观景落脚地,同时还要小心翼翼地防止跌入湖中! 但全世界朋友都非常友好, 大家互相谦让,分享日出的美景和喜悦!那一刻,我们没有国家和种族的区分,我们只有共同的身份–日出迷!