In our life, there are moments of success and failure, moments of happiness and sadness. There are challenges, harvests, but also losses that could be forever. Not sure why, there are also moments that we like to spend alone to recollect and re-taste all those past moments, or to share them with strangers that we came across on a journey.

This photo reminds me of an elderly woman and her elderly dog walking along the Geneva lake. From her sharing, I know she has been living in Evian for 40 years, and her dog was almost 10 years old. Its slow, tottering paces told everything. They walk along the lake at dawns and dusks for years. Besides this four-leg family member, she has no others. At the end of the talk, she kindly indicated me where the famous origins of the Evian mineral water are.

We smiled and goodbye, their back became smaller and smaller under the gold sunset. We did not ask for each other’s name, nor take a photo, but carrying away each other’s story. Goodbye was a word told us that we possibly won’t come cross each other once again. Yes, there are people that we might be able to meet only once in our life. But the short, only-once moments would make big or small change on us and the way we treat the people who accompany us in our life.

When I enjoy my moments from that journey, the elderly woman and her elderly dog always emerge.





Ellen Lu